When undertaking a random experiment such as this one, a few caveats should be be noted.

Firstly, I will try to write the story as much as possible in order, but if one of the 642 things to write about happens to work better earlier in the story, I reserve the right to go back and insert it where I believe it fits best.

Second, if a new "thing" will only fit into the story by making some adjustments to past entries, (for example adding to previous entries the characters long term addiction to tuna fish sandwiches and her desperation for her daily fix), I will do so.

Thirdly the book is too large to read all 642 things at once and organize them into the perfect order.  I also don’t want to read too many of the 642 things ahead of time, as I would like there to still be surprises to excite and challenge my creativity by thing number 487.  So I may change past entries at any time, add new chapters into any place in the story all while trying as much as possible to fit each new thing into each post chronologically.

Also, the post are not professionally edited.  This is an exercise in creativity, not a grammatical correctness.  Let me be creative, and eventually everything shall be refined.

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